I paid $4,961.83 for a brand new Trane furnace to replace my old oil furnace. 1. They did not fill out the government incentive application and return it to me to send it in. When I kept calling after 4 months they said that they moved offices and they lost my application. Eventually they back dated an application and sent it to me after I emailed the owner my proof of purchase. 1. The employees have poor customer service skills. I kept calling and no one would return my call. The employee said that all she could do us pass my message and the owner is busy with large jobs to call me back. I can't believe they would say that to a customer. Yes I ONLY spent $4,961.83 and I suppose that's not large enough to get a call back. 3. They connected the output exhaust air to the outside but did not connect the input cold air intake to the outside. They said it will cost me $200 for them to come connect it. Unbelievable!!! 3. I did a propane conversion and paid for the propane conversion kit. They didn't leave the owners manual or the original valve parts to convert it back to natural gas. Now I have natural gas in my street and they said it will cost me $150 of the natural gas valve parts. These parts were part if the original natural gas furnace that I paid for and should have been left behind with the manual. 4. The furnace fan wasn't wired to come on when you just turn the fan on. When I called them they said that I don't have A/C so they did not connect the wire for that. I told them the furnace fan has nothing to do with A/C. They wanted to charge me to come back and turn connect the fan wire to the thermostat. Overall very disappointed. They only care about getting your money and don't do a good job. I will not recommend them and when it comes time to install my A/C next summer I will not hire them.

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Company Response

First off let me start by stating you are in Freelton Ont. not Etobicoke, and you had heat so this was NOT an emergency. As far as the intake for the furnace it is an OPTION. It was not requested on sales contract nor was it required by code. You were not charged for the parts to convert it back to natural gas, you were charged the labour for it was explained to you. You were charged $150 for the intake and that covered labour and material (no profit) you were also charged for the disconnection of the propane and running the gas line to the meter, again labour and material (no profit) as far as the fan being wired up, it was explained to you that you only had 2 wire from your thermostat if you wanted the fan to operate you need 3 wire or 4 if you want to add A/C. You were also offered a wireless thermostat at cost and you were also offered the wire for free to run it yourself and we would hook it up. The owners manual was left twice as you had the basement floor redone I'm sure the first one was lost. You didn't bother to have the furnace removed while this was done which resulted in the drain hose being cut which we were blamed for (a year later) so now the furnace sits in a pit 12 inches below the basement floor with NO DRAIN. So please lets be completely forthcoming with ALL the story.