On June 7, 2016 we had El Cheapo move our furniture from our 3 bedroom house into a storage unit. Firstly the 3 movers were great people, friendly and very accommodating, I believe they did try their best. When booking El Cheapo I gave the monotone guy on the phone a very detailed list of all of our furniture to be moved, there was nothing else added during moving day, yet the truck they sent was a small possibly 18 ft length and they had to make 2 trips which obviously cost me more. I assumed considering all the stuff I mentioned that they would bring an appropriate sized truck. While moving furniture they were not very gentle, banging walls but I wasn't to concerned at the time because I was selling house and it was going to be re-painted. The furniture was wrapped so I assumed it would be ok. There was no way for me to check furniture at the time as it was packed tightly in the storage unit. However a couple of months later when it was time to move out of storage the new movers (who by the way had a 26ft truck that fit everything and more in 1 trip) pointed out a number of damages to furniture, they showed me as they saw in storage before they even moved it. Huge scratches on most of our bedroom furniture and dents everywhere. Very disappointing. As this is 3 months after the initial move I don't think El Cheapo will pay to fix all the damages. My opinion is they use small trucks and are not careful with moving furniture and you should watch them carefully when moving. My bedroom set as well as my childrens all have huge scratches/dings in them, very upsetting and disappointing. Would not hire again.

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Paul Gullo (the owner) came and replaced the water filter and put new carbon in the purifier tank. Total cost including service fee was $320. The next day the system started leaking so I called Paul to come fix it. He didn't return my call. I kept calling until finally he called me back and came over to "fix the leak". He put some silicon around the edge which stopped the leaking for 10 minutes and then it resumed. It is a pressurized tank did he really think some silicon would stop the leak? Anyway he left and I tried calling him many times and he did not respond. Do not trust Paul from Glacier. I reported to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and he didn't even respond to them. His business has an F rating, the worst rating. So basically I spent over $300 to have my water filtration system turned off. What Paul did is just horrible and I hope people reading this do not deal with Glacier Clear. Update: In Oct 2013, Paul called me to work something out. We agreed that he would replace the entire carbon tank with a new one and that he would call me the following week to setup a date/time for the installation He never called me back. This is completely ridiculous. My advice would be to not deal with this company.

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