The store mgr. owner there promised my wife and I the world on our bedroom set (wedding gift to ourselves)which includes a dresser, huge mirror attached and night table. This guy is a piece of work and talks down to you and believes he's a no it all when he is not at all about furniture. First off delivery was a shock with a few of the drawers not closing flush and all off and the centre foot that goes in the middle was left on the floor hidden under the dresser unattached. After just a few years I noticed the edging of the dresser coming off not just the front where there is some traffic but all around where there is none at all? Plus in the last year a couple blemishes are appearing. I contacted first Durham Furniture and they said they would be in contact with Valley Squire to see what could be done. Valley Squire sent a man to fix a drawer thats never closed properly and he told me that Durham would get back to them regarding the condition of my furniture that they made. Finally after waiting a month to hear from him Durham furntiture that made this furniture Valley Squire told me they will not repair anything and he cannot as well? BEWARE of what you buy from here especially the quality and be careful what you hear from these people. This guy promised my new wife to be and myself this furniture would last a lifetime? NOT!

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