Extremely Dishonest A group of us, in Northern Vermont ordered 3 Alaska 140 Furnaces on July 11, 2008 from this business-with an assurance that they would be delivered in 4-5 weeks. We advanced Mike at Complete Heat, 50% of each stove price, a total of $6,300 21 weeks later we were still waiting and were pretty cold here in Northern Vermont. The facts are that they took as many orders as they could for alternative heat units (coal) and began to juggle the in-coming units. At least 2 of our furnaces arrived, in early to mid September, and they were sold to other persons. I had removed my old oil furnace in July, to accommodate the new coal furnace. I have used supplemental heat --electric heating units an a small gas unit to heat my house since mid September My brother and my friend, who also purchased the units, were forced to purchase fuel oil at fairly high prices. Mike was the sale person/possibly the owner. More than 4 months of deception took place. Finally 2 of the 3 units arrived for pickup on Dec 14, 2008 You may email me at for additional information

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