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Frank Clarke of Savannah Kitchens was a nightmare to deal with, thank god for the lawyer who helped us recover some money back. Even with the settlement after interviewing some kitchen companies they have all determined the same thing which is to gut it and rebuild. Be careful with this con artist. Prior to us cutting Frank the deposit for 50% of the total he took my wife and I to his so called manufacturing plant, we felt quite comfortable that Frank was honest, he had other kitchens in the plant so we felt quite comfortable with awarding Frank the job. I was in contact frequently with Frank as the house was being built, he came in making continous appearances, making measurements. After the delivery and installation of this kitchen we realized we didn't get what he promised at all. I can't believe i paid the balance as the kitchen was delivered. We approached Frank with all the problems and he completely took little responsibility. Funny enough, the manufacturing plant that we visited which Frank said was his never built our kitchen, it was another company all together. Careful who you hire. We had drawings from Frank of the kitchen design, the kitchen looks very little to what the drawings look like. I own a high end electronics and automation company which we do work with cabinet makers quite often and i would have been able to give Frank many referrals, but when he avoided the situation and blamed part of the mess on my wife, this guy is totally not a professional. I hired recently a new company to help me remedy the situation, Frank could have helped settle the situation down by being accountable for his work. I learned to be less trustful with contractors and will now learn that my decision isn't enough, i need to trust my wife and her opinion. My mother in-law as well had referred me to her designer and i trusted Frank over this guy, i feel like i should have stayed out of the decisions.

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