Alex came highly recommended and sounded very professional, at first. However from the start the job was delayed for many reasons...did not have any one to work with, van broke down,it was raining,too far from home etc. He eventually hired someone to work with him. Alex only showed up about 10% of the time and left the bulk of the work to his new employee. Also, Alex was iniatelly asked to quote on multiple jobs ( installing floors, stairs, iron railings, staining kitchen cupboards etc.) and did so but when any thing was removed from the list of work his prices would go up. When questioned on this he became very angry and started writing nasty e-mails, texts. Hhe then refused to work with myself and would only speak to my husband. Because our entire house was in disarray and money had already been given to him for work not yet completed, we decided to give him another chance. Alex;s employee started purposely leaving baseboards and trim unfinished on most walls in every room. Later we found out that Alex had not paid him anything and he was using us to get back to him. We decided to end our contract with Alex even though we had given him more money than the work was done and our stair case was left unfinished with out rails. We have had one contractor in for an estimate and they have commented on the poor workmanship of the staircase. Alex became very angry, again when we ended the contract and again many threatening e-mails and texts were sent trying to indimidate us. A very stressful, expensive experience that I would not wish any-one to have to go through.

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