First Review


We hired Eddy Keehn roofing to insulate and replace a membrane on the flat roof of our home last year. The workers came out to the house on a very sporadic basis and once completed several months later, they did not clean up very well and days before finishing demanded an additional $9000 above the written estimate. We foolishly paid it to just get it done. Fast forward to this spring and it was leaking like a sieve. He offered to come out to shovel the snow off the roof to reduce the melt but never showed and after promising to come out to assess and repair the problems making good on his guarantee, he never did. Ever since he got the cheque, he always claims he's too busy with other jobs to come by which may be true, but I would not recommend this company or individual at all. Thanks for reading. This year we have had a number of roofers come out to estimate the attached garage and most have commented on what they perceive as the poor work on the house roof. No big surprise, I suppose.

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