Given a challenging set of projects, Mike and Jamie were terrific. They went above and beyond the call of duty in customer service, working with different professionals and getting the job done as rapidly and as thoroughly as possible. I highly, highly recommend Harlequin Homes.

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This company should be avoided. I hired them to do my lawn services this fall 2008, after a nice saleperson came to my door. The service was always weak--they never cleaned up part of my garage and front yard and did a poor job overall. I called three times for them to finish the job properly and they never did. Then, when it came time for a fall cleaning before winter, they kept promising they would show do it, and never did! It is early December and I am stuck with a yard full of frozen leaves thanks to Student Lawn Services. If you want a lawn service, hire a professional company that you can trust and NOT Student Lawn Services.

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