We recently remodeled our entire home and added a gas fireplace. We needed a mantle top that would be the focal point of our room. Naturally, we went to Kimberly Jackson to see if they had any available in the store that we could buy. Sadly they didn't have any but we were very happy to see Jack there in the store. We met him a few times before as we have purchased many pieces of furniture from there. Although they have moved away from some of their custom work, Jack agreed to make us a mantle for our fireplace. We gave him the measurements and the color we wanted, nothing too fancy just a nice piece of thick stained wood. He assured us he knew exactly what we wanted. When we got the call that it was ready we eagerly went down to the store to pick it up. WOW, it was better then we could have imagined and more then we had asked for. It was a beautiful piece of reclaimed barn beam that fit perfectly into it's place on top of our fire place. We are so happy when family and friends drop in and compliment us on how beautiful it looks. We are also happy to add to the history of this by explaining that this piece of the beam was used as a support to hold a ladder that went to the upper part of this barn and show them the circular holes on the underside where the ladder rungs once were. Thank you so much Jack, for giving us another amazing piece that our family will enjoy for years to come. You out did yourself. Cathy, East York, Ontario

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