I contacted this company reporting a rat/mice pest issue within my home and arranged a dispatch to deploy poison. The attitudes of the exterminator who came out and the phone staff left much to be desired, but the poison rat treats were deployed as stated for $145. The $145 also included two follow-up treatments within 90 days which they would call to schedule according to the exterminator I questioned. I received no follow-up calls from this company to schedule the subsequent treatments, and it slipped my mind until I noticed the pest problem was ongoing. When I called this company back to get the follow-up treatments taken care of I was told that 90 days had past, the treatments had to be done within that period otherwise I would need to pay again. So despite of what I was told, I was expected to call them to schedule the appointments (no reminder calls are made/voice mail left by their staff, which is poor customer service). The result in the end works out well for them, they got paid for 1/3rd of the work they promised and their treatment did not resolve the problem. Even if this company had customer friendly staff and practices I would still not recommend them. You can save money by simply buying rat treats (poison) and deploying it yourself. There is no expertise this company applies to resolve the issue, hence they offer no value to the consumer.

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