Had the gas hooked up to my new oven. Job was done professionally and in good time. Noticed a bit of a gas smell the next couple of days, so I asked the company to send the worker back to check the connection. Connection was good and I'm satisfied.

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Ralph and his team were very professional and finished the job in a timely manner. Ralph made sure to check for my approval at the end of the job and adjust anything I asked. Very pleased with the communication and punctuality aswell!

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Company Response

Thank you Chris it was plesure to work for you.


Joe was friendly and explained the insulation process in detail, and answered all of my questions in a very professional manner. The only issue I had was that the work was a bit messy in areas and he did not cover the furnace fully or seams in door frames leading to spray foam overspray in undesirable areas. I had to do a lot of cleanup work to remove spray foam from things that could have been avoided if the crew took more care and attention covering up exposed areas. Overall, the experience was mostly positive

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Ray was the one leading the framing project which was very reassuring to me as he was the one who initially took the time to walk through and discuss each aspect of the job with me. This was my first basement project, and I don't have much experience with code or proper construction techniques, so it was comforting that Ray had knowledge of various building code/regulations beyond just framing, and could advise me on the best design and layout of my space. What was completed was fairly good work, but there were several areas of unevenness particularly around the bulkheads and washroom, and he left one area completely unframed (the laundry room), presumably, because the job was taking too long to complete and he was losing money. I requested that Ray return to fix the slanted bathroom ceilings (i figured framing the laundry area would be too much to ask), but after several emails over the course of a month, he never returned. I had to hire another framer to fix the errors in ray's work before i could drywall.

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