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This company also goes by "T&D" and locates clientele through kijiji. They provide snow removal, yard clean up and handyman services. At first when I contacted them, they seemed very good. However, after taking the full payment, Anthony and his team has NOT showed up and left a number of tasks incomplete. They have their phone numbers changed so I cannot contact them and they are using pictures of my house to promote their business without my permission. I just think it's very unprofessional and I wouldn't want anyone to go through this. Anthony kept saying he's doing us a huge favor throughout this project because he had to finish up some unfinished tasks from another contractor who betrayed us as well. We paid Anthony without bargaining and he basically left with the money. Please have a look at some of the pictures of this company's unprofessionalism.

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I cannot thank you enough for making my moving day such a successful one. You guys are so hardworking and dedicated! I am sorry that you had to do the long walk to the elevator and climb up all those staircases. Here I have pasted my letter of recommendation (I don't have my laptop on me so I couldn't attach it). I am indebted to Your Action Movers for making my move from Toronto to London so smooth and wonderful. I was very nervous about this long move, but Robert was very kind to us. The crew arrived on time. They are exceptionally organized. They packed all of our delicate furniture, clothes and electronics with such great care. I was surprised by their speed of work. They loaded the truck very fast then reassembled all the furnitures perfectly. The fees were extremely reasonable. This company is reliable, honest and absolutely trustworthy. I am so pleased with my move and for any of my next moves,I would not choose any other company. I am not exaggerating at all when saying that my moving day has been relaxing and NOT STRESSFUL and all the credit goes to Your Action Movers. I highly recommend Your Action Movers for any type of moves. If you want to have a smooth moving day without breaking your bank choose Your Action Mover! Thank you Robert and your team! We will always be grateful to you. Mitila and Diip :) Please let me know if we can be of any help to you ever. I will definitely recommend your team to the people I know. Take care and all the best.

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They were very good in terms of product selection and designs. However, they leave a lot of room for miscommunication. They don't provide instructions properly. For example, they told me my whole kitchen would be done in one day and the day of installation I discovered by whole kitchen they meant only the cabinets. Also, you have to call them repeatedly and be really annoying for them to get the job done promptly. Also you have to bargain with them to get the "sale" price. Installers mostly don't speak English, so won't answer your questions but they do a good job at installing. Product: quality suffers for the price but looks good! I had the laminate contemporary looking cabinets so I wasn't expecting anything too sturdy anyways. Price is reasonable once you bargain to get a lower quote.

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I called Alliance floor source based on their excellent reviews on Lehel was very nice on phone and he was very knowledgeable also when he came to measure our place. Then after paying the deposit money, I don't know what happened but their service became extremely poor. Firstly, the guy who said he would call us with a date (Deni), never called us back and we kept waiting for weeks. Then I had to call them repeatedly and beg them for a date. Then finally they gave me a date, but cancelled it the day before! I don't know if you work full time or live in a condo but if you do, you know how much coordination is required from your behalf to keep these dates free! Anyways, laminate got installed, product is very good quality, but the transition they gave was not matching to floor. They also missed 1 transition. The installers did not answer questions adequately. They did not caulk the gap between the floor and wall, saying thats not their job and we have to get a painter to caulk the floor! Timea (the owner) said someone will come to our condo to take a look and install the transition but still no one has come. We paid the entire amount as they quoted, and it's been 8 weeks after the installation, and still we are missing two transitions. Once you sign the papers and pay the deposit, their quality of service just dropped. I'm very disappointed because seeing the reviews I had set high expectations that simply was not met.

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