I rent my water heater from Reliance and today my 7 year old tank blew out and leaked on my basement floor. Fortunately it ran out the drain in the floor so there was no damage and limited clean up. Reliance was called at dawn and had a new tank in my basement by noon. Thanks!

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Company Response

We are very pleased to hear that this was not a major issue and that we were able to resolve this quickly and to your satisfaction. Thanks for choosing Reliance Home Comfort. Kind regards. ~ Rich


I called them at the last minute because a previous company didn't show up twice. They came the same day and had the job done and were out in an hour with only minor problems that they overcame easily. Left a clean workplace and a 1 year warranty on the job. $125 plus parts

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I called this company because they had been out to do a job for me a year ago. I wasn't overly impressed but gave them another go. They quoted me a figure of $120-$160 depending on what needed doing. I agreed and they made an appointment for the following day. They didn't show up. I called them back and they rescheduled for the following morning. They didn't show up. They didn't answer the phone and the voice mail was full. I got a reply to my text message to them saying that the guy scheduled to do my job was terminated. Sorry.

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