Main sewer line was clogged. The technician used the rooter to clean the clog and then his manager showed up and recommended a power washing of the inside of the pipe (which I agreed to). Another technician showed up to help (I believe unnecessarily). I said I had to leave, but got held up without their knowledge. The two of them worked for a few minutes then completely disappeared leaving the toilet off and everything a mess for at least an hour (their gear was already back in the van). I then had to leave. They called me another hour later saying the job was done. I refused to pay the full amount and asked where they went. He quickly dropped the price. I'm left with the feeling that these guys are overpriced and dishonest. Don't pay their "book price; call a reputable plumber instead.

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Job well done at a reasonable price. Recommended. These guys were able to do a job that many other companies wanted nothing to do with. Clay (concrete) tile roof repair is a pain. They got the job done and were pleasant to work with. The cost was fair. The only negative was the wait time, but I suppose that had as much to do with lousy Vancouver weather as anything.

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Thanks Scott. Yes indeed... Mother Nature can be our fiercest ally and our best friend all in the same day. As far as the weather is concerned you can never please a roofer. It's too wet, it's too hot, it's too windy. I've seen them all. The worst is wet because a leak continues to leak if we can't put some sort of temporary patch on the problem. Sorry about the delay getting to you but I'm glad your happy and satisfied now. Cheers.