We hired Bill to finish our basement at our Newmarket home; we now have a Family Room, Office and an unfinished Laundry/Furnace room. Not only is our basement now the most beautiful area in our entire house but it is also the best built area in our new upscale Greenpark home! We have never met a more professional, knowledgeable builder. From the consultation we knew Bill was the guy for the job. After listening to what we needed he provided us with a 3D CAD drawing of what our basement would look like once completed and a very detailed contract. We were always able to make changes and Bill had lots of amazing suggestions. We were on a tight budget but Bill was able to help make sure that the project was affordable for us. He was great at suggesting what we could cut back on and where it was important that we spend the extra money. He really goes above and beyond a typical builder. His work reflects his passion for his job and you can tell all his projects big and small are very important to him. The electricians he used were also friendly, reliable and professional. Bill was so clean and organized that at the end of the day it was hard to imagine there was any type of renovation happening (except for the ever changing basement). We had a 3 month old baby in the house and never once were we concerned with any stage of the project (Bill also has some good parenting tips!). If anything Bill saved us by locating a faulty wire bringing our main power source into our home, preventing our house from burning down. We would and have recommended Bill for any basement projects. Bill completed the project in a timely fashion and within the timeframe he had advised from the beginning. In the end he provided us with a disc of pictures of the project for future reference and of course to show all our friends. He was a pleasant visitor in our home and his basement will provide us years of happiness and pleasure for our little family.

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Company Response

Wow, I hope I can live up to that review! What a great young family to work for. They were very accommodating, it felt like home to me! I am blessed with the best clients!


We purchased their Laminate Panga Pange on Septemeber 28th 2008, as of today October 24th the product still has not arrived (it was suposed to be in the following week)and there is no confirmation of when it will arrive. We were advised several times that it would be in during the following week but it wasn't until yesterday that a salesman finally advised us that there is no stock on this item. I have spoken to their head office who admitted that thier shipping was responisble for providing incorrect information to the Newmarket location but offered no compensation and was not able to confirm 100% when the product will be in. Basically they advised they have no control over the stock of the product they sell and will not guarantee the products to even be available after you have purchased them. Salesman at store will not take responsibilty for another persons sales so good luck getting any service at all. We will be asking for a full refund. Giant Carpet offers no customer service do not buy your flooring there.

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