Clothes dryer wasn't drying the clothes. Not sure if it was a venting problem or the actual dryer. Peter came over and had a look. Luckily it was a simple problem. He had the parts with him and did the job quickly and efficiently. Very nice guy, great job, will definitely keep the card close by for any other future problems.

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Things started out alright but went downhill fast. We just finished working with the BBB about Bully Hill's lack of response to our calls, and no-shows, and not fulfilling the contract. We have had water seepage in our basement since January 2006 and it has cost us a bundle in out-of-pocket expenses. We recently found out that Bully Hill workers noticed an usual amount of water in one area, during the initial excavation, but instead of informing us they filled in the area and left. It was also noted that the materials used were coming away from the wall, and the weeping tile was not placed down far enough.

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