I had my roof re shingled by Carrol Home Improvements. The forman on the job was named Don, 1st off he kept laughing and saying Carrols ripped me off that he could do it $1000 cheaper, I told him I signed a contract and that he works for Carrols so how could he do it. He said he doesn't work for Carrols and that Carrols sub-contracts to him. As for the job he killed every flower in my garden, left garbage and nails all over the yard and my roof that should have taken 1 day took 3 because he showed up with himself and 2 other people, then started and never even showed up or called the second day and finished up on day 3. When I asked him where he was the day before he was very rude in saying you know your not the only roof I have to do this year. Then as I was walking away I heard him call me several swear names. I'll never use Carrol Home Improvements again

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