I hired NBKB to create me a masterpiece bathroom. To date the company has been excellent in addressing my needs as I am a CF Veteran. They worked professionally and took the time to cover everything to minimize damage. They understand the urgency in completed my bathroom and worked even worked on weekends. I am looking forward to putting the completed pictures of the project on the site. Thank you Andrew + Team Iseak Boucher (Cpl ret.)

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We contracted this company and they did a poor job. Roof leaked and had to be completely replaced. Company did nothing to rectify the situation. They advised me they are incorporated and if I sue them I would get nothing. Please be noted that the above people in the positive reviews are employees of his zoo.

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The metal valley was damaged by sliding ice and snow, this kind of damage is not covered by our installation warranty.However every effort was made to address the issue and we offered to repair it at N/C. The customer had a different Idea: to take us to court and ask for $15,000.00. Of course this went nowhere. Following that Boucher's insurance co. tried to collect $15,000.00 from us for water damage in his house which was caused by a leaking radiator and tried to blame it on our roof that had never leaked. Again this went nowhere as well. Now he is bitter because things did not work out his way and he is going as far as hacking into our google plus,
what's next? I guess its Thermoseals turn to take him to court.
Werner Ebner