Kiya did a full rewire of our old Toronto home. He has very fair pricing and very few holes had to be cut. Kiya clearly specializes in old homes. He was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him. Kiya always answers his phone and is very accommodating.

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I strongly advise you NOT to use this company. We hired them on the basis of their price quote. The people they sent to do the cleaning were outsourced from a different company, and although the cleaners themselves were lovely and did a great job, it took them almost double the time quoted. When we called Michelle at Just Clean It to express our dissatisfaction about her misleading time quote, she was rude, completely uncaring that we were upset about the misquote, and unwilling to negotiate the price. She ended the call by saying "See you in court. Goodbye" and hung up on me. I called her back to tell her I didn't appreciate being hung up on and wanted to discuss the misunderstanding and she said "What part of Goodbye didn't you understand?" I have never dealt with such a nasty, rude and discourteous business person and will NEVER use this company again. I paid her full price and told her I would tell everyone I know about my bad experience with her company.

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Company Response

I think it is very important to tell the truth when leaving a review. The customer was given an estimate of the time it would take for a detailed top to bottom cleaning. The client was also given a quote for a general cleaning the client thought about the two estimates and gave me a call later on in he day and chose to go with the total top to bottom cleaning the cleaners arrived to perform the cleaning and was ask to perform extra chores which obviously would add to the cleaning time. The client had the option of sticking to the general cleaning that they had originally booked and they choose to add the extra services. I received a rather rude and shouting phone call from the client telling me that they would not pay the bill, so I ask them the following questions is your house cleaned? Did you have a problem with the thoroughness of the service they said they are satisfied but the price is too high because it took longer than the minimum hours to clean, even though they chose to add the extras to the service. they offered to pay for 4 hours I responded with a no the billed is for 5.5 hours not the 4 hours, and she proceeded to tell me that she was going to leave a bad review on Homestars about my company because I refused to lower the bill. She even went on to say that she would have scheduled Monthly cleaning service if I was to accept the payment for the 4 hours. The client had the option as was discussed with her husband when he had booked the appointment to stick with the general cleaning he chose to go with the total top to bottom cleaning. I explained that again when I received the phone call her husband response was I didn't understand it that way, at which time the phone was passed on to his wife. Just Clean It Quality Home Solutions gives a thorough detailed estimate to all prospects on the phone and again before the cleaning is started I don't know how I could have been more clear, further more once someone starts to threaten someone I think the conversation has ended with a good bye the phone was not hung up on the client. I am very happy that the client was very satisfied with the thorough and very detailed service they received and that our cleaners did exactly what they were hired to do. Thank you for choosing Just Clean It Quality Homes and we are very sorry that you were not satisfied with the price of your cleaning.