Mathew helped us move our plumbing around in our bathroom in a way in which 2 other contractors told us was not possible. Can't recommend Son plumbing enough, keep up the great work!

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Thank you.


My furnace would not work and I could not figure out the problem. So, I called A Plus and they told me it would be $60 for the truck to come out and $80 an hour (Sunday) or I could wait until Monday and it would be $70. So we set the appointment for 11am-1pm. I took a long lunch from work and hoped I could get it done in that time frame. I waited at my house until 12:50pm when they finally called and said that they would be at the house in about another hour and thirty minutes. I didn't want to just sit at the house so we rescheduled for 2:30-3:00pm and at 2:56pm Jack (from A Plus) showed up. We went to the furnace and he pulled off the panel, he said that I had no power, so we went to the fuse box, which also had no power. He then switched one of my fuses and the furnace came to life. He was finished in less than 25 minutes, yet he billed me for the truck $60 (which is fine) electrical work for 1 hour ($75 which is fine) and then another 1 hour for labour $75, which is garbage. He worked 26 minutes and billed me for 120 minutes. I called the head office and they just tried to justify it and say that I was lucky that the technician Jack is an electrician. What a farce! I will never use this company again and I hope you learn from my mistake.

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