Had a half burnt out stove top triple element. I self diagnosed, but tech (Trent) showed up without the part. He explained to me that if I had diagnosed incorreclty, and they had the wrong part, I will still on the hook for it. Since these guys are a flat rate company, there is no incremental charge for subsequent visits. Tech returned as scheduled two days laetr with the part and had it installed in 15 minutes. Showed me what he was doing, and why, and offered advice if I were to ever to try and do this repair myself. (Take Pictures!). Service was fast, effcient, on time, and cost as as quoted. Have no hesitation in recommending for appliance repairs and service.

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Called Terry to install dual water valve I had already purchased myself.. He arrived on time, was courteous, and after inspecting the fridge, told me that I had the problem wrong and that I all had to do was defrost the water line. When I tried to pay for the service call, he said that wasn't necessary since he hadn't done anything ... we settled on the price of a couple of coffees! I recommend these guys without hesitation ... a two man operation very focused on service and reliablity.

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