We contacted Scarborough disposal for a dumpster and were very happy with how easy it was to organize delivery. The dumpster was delivered on schedule Friday morning awaiting the work crew to tear down some lath and plaster walls which is fine material and very messy. The dumpster that arrived was so rusty that it had massive holes in so if we put the plaster dust it would have poured out onto the yard. When i complained i was told that they have a sale on and that is all we have left. When i suggested that they could have said he didn't have any left and i could have gone else where, he replied "we want the business" so they want your money although they may not have any decent bins left and if i wanted i could cancel and he could deliver a "good" bin in the future - this was not an option as i had booked a work crew for the weekend. I then had to spend my own gas and money to buy some tarp to fill the holes. The owner then turned up without warning in the morning with some garbage bags to help but i had already spent my own money. When i asked for a discount due to the extra spend he told me no way as he had supplied garbage bags - although i had no knowledge he was going to turn up out the blue. I feel this would be a good company if all goes well and your bin has four sides, otherwise look elsewhere...

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Company Response

When we first received the email that you weren't happy with the bin you received the owner, Jim, called you (no answer) and emailed (no reply), so he didn't show up without warning, he tried to contact you the only way we could. He decided to buy some contractor grade garbage and drop them off (spending his own gas & money), as this is what most people would use for smaller pieces of waste. He thought he was being considerate, not imposing on you as he did try to contact you before hand. Some people would have appreciated the effort instead of looking at it negatively. This is the first and only complaint we've ever had about a bin having "massive holes" in it. The 4 customers that have had that bin since you haven't had an issue, nor the hundreds of people before that. The only option we had was for you to either keep the bin or wait until a "nice one" was available. During a sale that could be weeks. We could have picked up our empty bin and you could of ordered from somewhere else. He had no way of knowing this bin wouldn't be good enough for you as we've never had a complaint before. I'm sorry you had a negative experience. Hopefully what ever company you choose to deal with in the future can meet your expectations.