I had a very bed experience with this company and after a constant follow-up with the company with rarely available reps., I have no reason to believe this company as a big fraud company who taken away your money from credit card without informing you and without providing services. Below is a summary of my case: 1. Although sales rep. told me to charge $ 100 flat for whole contract as a deposit, they charged me $ 400 without my knowledge. I came to know this only when I checked my credit card statement. 2. My pickup was scheduled on May 28 around 8 AM. Till 2 pm, no body shown up . So I started follow up. After a constant follow up, around late evening they informed me that their pickup truck is stuck near Regina due to mechanical failure and we will come to know new date of pick up only after Tuesday June 2. I told them about all my schedules which are to be rebooked and my house is to be handed over to land lord on May 30 with cleaning and inspection. Everything is to be cancelled and start from scratch to re book all appointments. 3. Moreover my travel to Toronto was also scheduled and booked, which I have to cancel. 4. After reaching to Toronto, when I started follow up for refund, first answer I got is: we do not refund any money back as per policy. When I informed them that cancellation was your fault since you are unable to reach on time and for future timing also you are not sure, so It was forced me for alternate arrangement. 5. After a long battle of arguments and constant follow ups thru phone and email and voicemails, I was tired and sent them email about legal proceedings, but all in veins. No reply till next day. 6. I have made a phone call again today on June 23, 2015 to speak with someone from customer service and straight away inform them that I am going to lodge a complaint of financial fraud since your company is totally un responsive of all of my follow ups and I have wasted lot of my valuable time and you have no option left for me. Today I am not going to ask for my refund, I am calling you just to inform you about my decision and sending you email for confirmation. 7. To my surprise, within 30-40 min., I got a phone call about my refund and keeping all their rules aside (which were told by different people at different time during these couple of weeks and follow up), they send money thru e transfer. Summary :I will never recommended this company to anybody because of the troubles I faced and the way they responds is definitely not create an impression of “ Honest company”

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