As a home owner, it is sometimes very difficult to find a trust-worthy and reputable company who will perform a quality job and guarantee their work. When we decided to install exterior pot lights, I didn't know where to start. After sifting through builder contacts, yellow pages, references from other people, and my own inquires by phone, I finally found Antonio and Java Electric. He answered all my questions over the phone, was very patient, explained the different options (hardware and bulbs), and offered to give me a quote in writing. He also provided his ECRA/ESA license to ensure I was in compliance with my home owners policy. This was more than anyone else provided me over the phone! When his team showed up, they assessed the house, diagrammed the install, confirmed the price, showed us the pot light hardware and timers, and asked us to approve each location before they started cutting. WOW! Its great to be involved in these decisions. They were careful with their ladders on the eves troughs, they vacuumed after finishing in the attic and we received an invoice and a written guarantee. I was extremely happy with their work and professionalism and would highly recommend them. Antonio will be back next week to install interior pot lights, kitchen lighting, and receptacles in the basement. Thank-you to Antonio and your team for an outstanding job.

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