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Please do not let Chris into your house for any work whatsoever. He will make many wonderful promises, and then hire people who have no idea what they are doing or just could not care less how it turns out. My two week project turned into 8 months. I ended up spending hundreds of hours fixing his work myself and now am paying someone else to do work he never completed. When I argued that the workmanship was horrible and we were months behind schedule and so I did not owe him the final amount he wanted (I offered 500$ instead of the $600 he wanted) he threatened to put a lean on my house and I ended up paying him $300 to walk away and not even finish any of the final work. This is all because he says that he gave me such "great deals" on the original price. I'm sure that I will have more and more issues with the work he did in the future. Please don't put yourself through this.

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Goodmen Roofing was very professional when I was doing research and reviewing quotes from multiple companies. They were the only company to provide information and samples of the product they intended to use. Unfortunately, that level of professionalism did not continue throughout the process. My home is a duplex and both my neighbour and I agreed to replace our flat roof's with Goodmen. The crew that showed up were a little late in starting which doesn't really bother me but I did not like the fact that they knew we were home and did not introduce themselves. The project was delayed by an Alberta OHS safety officer who showed up and who told me that I could not be a part of the conversation. I then called Ron, the flat roof manager and requested that he have someone from the crew come talk to me and let me know what happened. That did not happen. This delay caused at least one crew member to remain at my house finishing the roof at 9:30 PM, past dark. This is not safe and also does not give me confidence that he could do the best job when he couldn't possibly see very well at all (I saw no lights brought up). I do appreciate that he wanted to finish the job on schedule but I do not agree with compromising safety to do so. Also, since I was having my eaves trough's replaced, they became part of the demolition, unfortunately, one of them was left hanging by one screw on to my siding. This was very upsetting as I have dogs, and if that dropped it could seriously injure them, also, the wind was blowing it dangerously close to my window, which could have been broken. I did appreciate that Ron came out shortly after I called to remove it, however, he did not seemed concerned that it was left like that in the first place or that I had someone working on my roof in the dark. My eaves trough's were completed one day behind schedule as was the garbage bin removed behind schedule because the truck coming to get it apparently broke down. I hope that the roof was installed properly and I have no reason to believe otherwise as of yet, but there was a general lack of communication and care shown. I had very high hopes for this company and while they are definitely not the worst company I have had working on my house, I was disappointed in the fact that I do not believe my concerns were taken too seriously.

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Company Response

First off, we apologize for the delay in responding to this review.
I’d like to begin with saying that our crew had to load materials and tools at our shop in the morning, so they arrived on site a couple of hours later than usual; this is normal practice.
When OH&S stopped by as part of their random spot checks for all construction sites, our crew was found in full compliance and were back to work shortly after. Note: We welcome these checks as it keeps our industry’s safety standards high by weeding out those with no regards for safety.
Our crew stayed late to ensure there’d be no leaks as the weather forecast was calling for 2 days of rain with high winds (which happened). Our crew was pro-active in doing such and ensuring the house interior and valuables were kept safe and dry; we praised them for their dedication!
When the existing eaves troughs were taken off (new ones were installed later), the crew missed taking off one of the downpipes. We admit fault for this. It was however, still secured very well to the house, but the top was loose and the wind made it tap against the fascia. Ron responded to the call quickly (on a Saturday morning while having breakfast with his family) and removed the pipe. He then apologized for our crews missing it along with his opinion of the guys working late which was positive and not negative, so mixed signals came into play.
After reading this review, Ron then contacted the resident of the other side of the duplex. The lady responded by stating the crew was wonderful and was very pleased they had stayed late to ensure the roof was sealed properly and wouldn’t leak. She had no issues or complaints.
We value all feedback (negative and positive) as a way to better ourselves as a business. We trust our response has shed light on the events that took place at this site.