I have just renovated my home and have bought several pieces from Kimberley Jackson. First of all, walking into the store you are instantly in love with every piece you see. Each so unique and hand crafted. Quality pieces that will last a life-time. I found the staff extremely helpful and I have had great customer service experiences. For those that complain custom pieces take time, I say, well duh! Walk into any brick, Leon's or big box store and purchase one of their off the line, a million like it pieces, and you will be waiting minimum 6-8 weeks to receive this made by machine, substandard quality piece. I have not had a single person walk into my home and not drool over my incredibly original Kimberley Jackson purchases. I can't get enough. I am currently having a my powder room vanity designed and made by Kimberley Jackson. I would recommend you go into the store and see for yourself before taking reviews seriously. If you love stunning quality furniture, you will not be walking out without buying. Have sent 3 ppl to the store and not one has left without owning a piece of this furniture.

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