I've used North York Moving twice now for a within Toronto move (2 bedroom apartment to 2 bedroom apartment) and both times I have been very happy with the service I've received. My most recent move was on March 20, 2012. Because of a problem with the move before mine, the movers did show up late but once they got there they were incredibly fast, efficient and friendly. They loaded up stuff in just under an hour and even gave me a ride to the place I was moving to. At the new place they unloaded and arranged the furniture even more quickly. There was no damage to any of my items in both moves I've had with them, (even my cheap / fragile ikea furniture). They wrapped the items they thought would be at risk in blankets and were careful with all my items. I plan on using North York Moving for my next move. I've had a few bad moving experiences before coming across them, and think I've finally found reliable movers.

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