Thought I had a ceiling leak about a week ago, asked the guy to come over... only to find that it wasn't a ceiling leak (it was a roof leak). He spent half an hour inspecting. There was a 1 and 1/2 hour minimum which I thought was ridiculous. Since there was an hour left that I had to pay him for, so i had him look over the sink. He changed the gasket ($45). Which was like a 5 min job. I definitely overpaid (ended up paying a little over $180 just to change a sink gasket). I would not recommend them... unless you had a job that takes over an hour and a half. To be fair, he was very polite and informative... but... the hour and a half thing is stupid... it's just to rip people off. I also asked ahead of time if there was a service fee. He said no. well, that's because the inspection is included as part of the labor. Won't use this company again.

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