We chose a commercial grade 12x24 tile from the recommended Ames store, After just 3 months of installation we counted 9 tiles randomly around the house that had micro cracks in the surface of the porcelain. We called Ames and they blamed the install over the phone and were rude and unprofessional, finally we got a rep to come and view our issues. He stated that he would contact the factory of the tile in Italy and get back to us promptly. We received word from them that the tile was under no warranty as the subfloor had to be a minimum of 1.5" which would mean that we would have had to lay 3/4 subfloor on top of the existing 3/4" plywood floor!!!!. I have never heard such a stupid statement from a professional in my life. Our floor is 3/4 plus 3/8 " tile subfloor screwed every 4" squared. Just the way they couldn't stand behind their product is a huge indication that this company does to care about the consumer and have no pride in their customer care or service. We ended p pulling the tile ourselves and fixed the job, fortunately we had the skill to do so but I honestly do hope that nobody experiences the disheartening service that this company gave us and strip the good from our flooring experience. This is the very first review I have ever written about a company and am sorry that it is a negative one,

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