Glamour Painting and Decorating completed a 2-day painting job, which included a challenging entrance foyer with a 30 feet high ceiling, 4 feet hanging chandelier, 2 skylights and spiral staircase. In addition, this small business was able to complete cosmetic work on a 25 feet beam in the kitchen that a large reputable contractor was not able to do. Adam Chitsaz and his painting crew worked as an efficient team, using excellent problem solving abilities and attention to detail, to complete a high quality job. His effective time management allowed him to go the extra mile by taking on extra tasks at no added costs to this homeowner. Mr. Chitsaz is a truly honest business owner with the highest degree of integrity. In short, my job was completed with exceptional workmanship and customer service. Adam: Thank you for leading your painting crew to complete work in my house like it was your home. I will recommend your company to my friends, family and colleagues who need a painting professional.

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Company Response

Your feedback is very appreciated. We're glad that you were happy with our services and it's always a pleasure to work for such hospitable and friendly clients such as yourselves.


On Sunday Dec. 2012, I was looking for a roofer. That night, I had a conversation with Adanac Roofing owner, Dan, and felt immediately relieved. I found an individual who is passionate about providing extraordinary service, willing to go the extra mile, and is organized to complete the job in a timely manner. Furthermore, Dan is also personable, knowledgeable, and professional. He immediately arrange for a roofer, Juan, to come to the house. Dan solved the biggest obstacle by taking the time to involve himself as an interpreter and supervisor. Dan was the one who suggested the use of photos to overcome language barriers between myself and Juan. Consequently, Juan returned to complete further work in May 2013 I have become Adanac Roofing’s walking bill board. I speak highly of the company and Dan to co-workers, friends and family. Dan: Thank you for taking my telephone call that night. Your caring nature is the key to your successful business as you provide the highest level of customer service which equates to return business and customer referrals.

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Company Response

Hi Lorraine my friend that I have never meet. Thanks for the kind words you made my day.I am glad your project worked out for you and thanks for any referrals you sent our way. Dan Marr President


I feel compelled to share my experience regarding Prorise Painting since it was Home Stars that lead me to consider using this company; The Home Stars high rating of this company, the membership with the BBB and the meeting with the owner, Joseph. Prorise Painting was contracted for the following: Job Start: Aug 7, 2012-Carpentry Work All Deficiencies resolved to date: Dec 7, 2012 Job Start: Sept 2012-Exterior Painting Quoted Job Length: 5-6 days with 3 to 4 painter Advised Jan 5, 2013: The caulked area of fascia board was painted but a review of painted area will be done Spring 2013. Advised Jan 15, 2013: New deficiency of all paint peeling off porch stairs to be dealt with Spring 2013 since re-painting is subject to weather. Job Start: Nov 6, 2012-Interior painting Quoted Job Length: one day with two painters All Deficiencies resolved Jan 5, 2013 Joseph’s method of operating is to complete the job as quickly as possible with the willingness to return to fix deficiencies instead of completing quality work the first time. However, this puts the onus on the homeowner to recognize any deficiencies to the job or to contract him if any deficiencies show up at a later date. Consequently, the superior workmanship of the job becomes questionable since deficiencies in the job must be directed by the customer. The partial painting of a metal gate was included in my interior painting job with a quoted job length of one day with two painters. Yet it took Nov 6, 2012 to Jan 5, 2013 and 5 visits to complete. The above is an example of Prorise Painting’s poor workmanship and poor attention to detail which caused unnecessary repetitive work (prep work completed twice, incorrect paint matte vs spray gloss and unpainted areas) and hence, work completion delays. This is only one example of the numerous deficiencies that often turned into continued deficiencies on my job. In addition, Prorise Painting pressure washing damaged a newly installed sensor light that required an electrician to correct. The electrician stated the water entered the unit had rusted the contacts. Currently, we have had 3 occasions of water leaking from our kitchen ceiling that may be caused by Prorise Painting since water entered the same area at the time they pressure washed our kitchen sky light. I would not refer any of my friends, family or co-workers at this time to Prorise Painting. Joseph’s business practice is a business decision which personally caused the whole process of home maintenance to be overly time consuming and stressful.I believe Prorise Painting could be more by developing a business model which provides the Superior workmanship and Exceptional Team Service Delivery.

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Company Response

Hello Loraine,

Thank you for your feedback, there were obstacles that we had to overcome with your project but we at ProRise Painting feel like we have done all you have requested. All of your request were meet and we made sure you were 100% satisfied after we last talked in November. All of your were concerns were resolved and dealt with in a professional manner. We at ProRise Painting warranty all our work and stand behind our promise.

Whenever you contacted me I responded immediately to discuss your concerns. I responded to all your late night voice mails and text messages. We at Prorise Painting respond to all of our clients concerns. We always try to fully understand the situation and take appropriate action to resolve any issues.

When your exterior painting project was complete you asked us to complete additional interior painting work in your basement. All of the work was completed to your satisfaction and all of your concerns were resolved.

I have highlighted a summary of your concerns.

Exterior Work

Carpentry Work
-All of the carpentry work was completed as promised to a high standard. After the carpentry work was complete you had a roofing issue that caused water to leak from the roof in behind the facia board causing the wood to be saturated. As a result the water caused the wood filler and caulking to crack. After the roofer fixed your roofing tiles I came by to re caulk and paint the cracked area. Due to temperature restrictions I mentioned I would come back in the spring to inspect the area and provide any additional work if needed. This additional work was done at no additional charge,
you were ok with the situation and had no further concerns.

-The exterior stairs were not part of our original contract, we painted the stairs at no additional charge. The steps had cracks in the wood which caused the wood to be saturated. Soon after you brought this to my attention I came by to asses the situation, provided you with an explanation and mentioned I would fix the issue in the spring when the weather improved. You agreed to the terms and had no further concern.

Skylight Leak
-After pressure washing you informed me there was a possibility of a water leak through your kitchen skylight. I responded immediately to asses the situation, there was a possibility the current caulking was failing, we re caulked some areas and monitored the area closely. After the exterior painting was finished your roofing contractor came by to asses the condition of your roofing tiles, he mentioned the water leak in your skylight was caused by damaged roofing tiles. He fixed the issue and there have been no further incidences. I followed up with you and you had no further concerns.

Paints and Products
We at ProRise Painting only use quality paints and products. All products used for your exterior and interior painting project were of the highest quality and were outlined in your original estimate package.

After we last talked in November I made sure all your questions were answered and you were satisfied with all the work. After all the exterior and interior issues were resolved you provided me with final payment. I did mention I would come back in the spring to inspect all areas and repair any possible issues. Last time we talked In November you were ok with the end result and did not have have any further issues or concerns.

We at Prorise Painting value your business and look forward in working with you again, I will be following up with you within the next couple days to make sure everything is ok. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me anytime.

Best Regards,
Joseph Halfar


In August 2009, the Long Life Windows & Doors Team replaced our entire house with Vinyltek High-Efficiency Energy Star units: 32 windows/2 patio doors. I do not allow just anyone into my house to work and my expectations may be considered too high by some. Recently, I was asked to provide a testimonial for a company that worked on our home which led me to consider factors that would lead a customer’s love for a company. Long Life Windows & Doors has developed an excellent business model which provides the following: *Superior workmanship *Attention to detail is an indicator of the high quality of entire job *Excellent problem solving abilities to achieve the best outcome *Efficient team collaboration to complete the job *Exceptional Team Service Delivery: *Friendly and professional: Paul & Pat *Knowledgeable with excellent communication skills: Paul & Bernard *Excellent clean up courtesy: Bernard and his crew *Going the Extra mile: Bernard and his crew taking on extra tasks *Deficiencies addressed immediately: Paul *Timely on-going service and support: Nicole (Mar2012) *Effective time management: Bernard and his crew This is my way of formally acknowledging and offering my accolades to this business. The Long Life Specialized Team (Sales, Installation and Billing) made the whole process of home maintenance painless. There was no stress or hassle for our family since every aspect of the job is laid out to prevent potential problems arising. Long Life Windows & Doors is a business that you can trust.

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