My husband and i decided it was time to move, so we found a new apartment then looked for a moving company North York Moving seemed to be reasonable as we were only moving a short distance, so we set a deal with them of 400 CAD all inclusive. We felt this a fair price as it was for 6hrs work and we knew it was not going to take 6hrs anyway, but decided as it was all inclusive, to proceed. Day of the move, i got a call at 7.40am saying they had a job and didn't finish till 3am but were going to be with me soon as they were getting the van ready, so i said ok because they weren't due to be with us till 8am I didn't worry and thought it was just a courtesy call. We were all packed and ready to go at the arranged time of 8am, so we waited and waited, eventually I called to see where they were and go told he was going to chase them up and get back to me, which never happened. Eventually they turned up over 3hrs late. The lead hand asked my husband for his credit card, before they could start the job. He was obnoxious swearing at my husband when he questioned him as to why they needed his credit card details, as it was a cash deal, he refused to do the job otherwise, so my husband gave him the details so the job would get done. The lead hand then told my husband blankets or other equipment used is extra, we were a little confused as this was a all inclusive deal. The truck was loaded quickly with minimum fuss. Which I was happy with and unloaded quickly. I thought that was the end of the hastle, but was very wrong. While they were unloading. I was going back and forth to the car to get items we had put in there. Which is when I seen them drop boxes on the floor, when my husband asked why the boxes were wet a lame excuse was given. When they had almost finished unloading the lead hand came up to be paid. We were shown a bill that was 178 CAD over the agreed amount. When it was questioned the lead hand got aggressive and said he didn't care as he has our visa details and he would take the money anyway. We very upset and confused as his attitude was very bad, his constant cursing even worse. Eventually he left and we decided to start unpacking, yes there was the odd broken glass, what did I expect as they had dropped boxes on the floor. The broken glasses I was ok with, coz they were just everyday glases, what upset me was when I went to open my bedroom draws and one wouldn't open, it had obviously been dropped, scratches and dents on all the furniture. DO NOT USE this company unless you want to be ripped off, sworn at and shouted at. I only wish I had read the reviews on this company beforehand. As I would NEVER of given them my custom.

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