BEWARE! We found AAA Affordable Wildlife through Kijiji. The prices seemed reasonable and all the ‘positive’ reviews I read made me believe this company was legitimate. I have to now question the validity of the reviews I have read. Blair came to my home to complete an inspection for squirrels because we heard scratching in our walls as we’ve had recent squirrel activity in our yard. The inspection was completed too quick to be considered a full inspection. I would consider it sub-par. It seemed like Blair was eager to get paid and move-on to his next scheduled job to make another $150. He went on to say that it was mice, with no clear evidence and advised that we contact a professional rodent removal company. We did as he suggested and hired a rodent removal company to look for mice which cost us $580 on a one year contract. After many weeks of this other coming to our home for follow-ups, it was confirmed that we in fact had squirrels in our home NOT mice. We called AAA Wildlife (Blair) to have him come back to let him know our findings and he immediately said he wanted another $150 to put a one way door and if we wanted another inspection it would also cost an additional $150. He denied that he ever told us that it was mice and that we contact a rodent removal company. So apparently this was all in our imagination!! Blair was extremely arrogant and had a very negative tone when speaking to both my husband and I. In addition, he smirks at you making it very apparent he does not care in the least. He lacks tact and needs to improve on his customer service skills. I question his level of professionalism. I had to respectfully ask him to leave my property as we were not interested in his services any longer. I will not support a company with my hard earned money which does not show respect to their clients. I’m sure AAA Wildlife (Blair) will provide a response to this review to try and defend his reputation and how we were spoken to BUT I wholeheartedly stand by my review.

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We built our new home from scratch. Working with Silvio Santos from Homewise has been the best of my experiences, I am very impressed with his project management skills. He brought together the best possible ideas and executed them in the best possible ways to save us money. He is knowledgeable and experienced in new home construction. He carried our project very responsibly and worked diligently. We will be using Homewise again to re-do our cottage.

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Company Response

Thank you Mr Rocha
It was a pleasure working for you.
I'm very thankful for your business and look forward to working with you again

Sylvio S
Project manager