We engaged Sami for renovation of two of our bathrooms and by the end of it, we have a lot to say. For ease, we have classified our observations under the good, the bad and the worst. The good: 1. He is pretty affordable; 2. He is flexible and gives you an option to buy stuff you like in a given budget; 3. His guys are really nice and friendly and do accomodate small requests in between the process 4. Some material he provided seemed pretty aesthetic and nice The bad: 1. There will be days no one will show up and hence the timelines were not met. Since we live in a condo, we had to face some problem from the management for not adhering to the timelines. 2. You have to do a lot of coordination between Sami and his guys. Sometimes it felt like I was the contractor in the whole process which also justifies the low charges. Its like you are paying yourself for doing the coordination; 3. He needs a better painter; 4. Sami gets pretty aggressive when you try to point out few things you dont like. The WORST: This is concerning my most recent interaction with him. Our bathrooms were completed and the guys left behind a big pile of garbage (refer pictures) to be picked up later since they didnt have a bigger truck (understandable!). We spoke to Sami to get it picked and paid him in full nevertheless. He said the guys will come but no one did. After a week, we asked Sami to pick it up to which he said he will come himself. When he was just around (as claimed), he asked me to get everything downstairs to which I said I cant since its a lot (please note that he charged us a bit extra since ours is a condo which should cover all these things). In response, he refused to come and asked us for more money since the garbage was a lot. He mentioned he wouldnt pick up the boxes of vanity and toilet since his company didnt provide it (we bought them ourselves which was the agreed arrangement but it cannot be forgotten that it was still a part of the washroom he was contracted for). Overall we are happy with his guys but Sami was a difficult person to deal with.

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