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Built and installed quality kitchen cabinets, custom designed to my taste. Victor had lots of patience working with me to choose from all available options and accommodated my change requests in a handful of cases. Finally delivered and installed a high-quality product that's a pleasure to use and aesthetically exactly as I imagined and wanted it from the beginning. Highly recommended.

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Project ended up costing quite a bit more than the estimated $700 - it took 2 people 3-4 hours of work. Contractors stated that the water filter and the pipes wouldn't fit under sink in the spot where I wanted it - after the job was done I measured around the new pipes they installed and the machine would have fit with a couple of inches room to spare. Both the contractors and Pacific West front desk refused to (1) acknowledge their mistake and (2) offer any kind of fix or compensation. The plumbing work was ok, though I found it quite a bit more expensive and rushed than a good individual contractor's that not working for a big company. Overall - I wouldn't recommend their services to anyone; I for sure won't use them again.

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