I was hoping for an easy experience with my roof replacement as I know I was paying a small premium for this contractor. However, this is not the case. Small gripes: 1) My roof replacement was a week late due to the weather. I knew it was coming but some communication would been nice instead of me wondering when this is going to get done. 2) Same with the time of the replacement. The day before is not enough time to get ready especially with the noise and commotion. Major issues 1) Friday, the roofer comes to start the replacement. He asked to borrow my shovel as there was snow on my roof. I obliged and advised him to leave it beside the driveway when he's done with it. I checked back and he destroyed my shovel. The metal bar was torn from the shovel on the right and left side; creating a metal V in the middle of my shovel. This is right before a huge snowfall. I was left using a small foot wide shovel for my whole driveway. He broke the one side and then kept going. There no apology (oops I made a mistake). This shows you the lack of respect this company have for their client's property. I emailed the ALR administration about this issue on April 22nd and was told this will be fixed. I'll be getting a new shovel! (spoilers: I did not get one) 2) The roofer was not done on Friday and so they back on Saturday. I did not know this as there was no communication from anyone. So I woke up nicely to the sound of the sky falling on an early Saturday morning. The roofer created enough commotion and noise to wake up the kids. A majority of my shelves in the house was cover in white dust from the pop corn ceiling. Plus nails were on my driveway which made taking out the car a fun expedition. Once again the lack of communication is noteworthy. 3) I work from home and drink coffee and peer outside my window daily as I reflect on why I hired these people. On the Monday, I noticed the metal bar under my roof was loose . Later, I was told it's called a soffit. I thought it might have been from the roofer thundering down on my roof with my shovel among opther utensils of banging. The inspector came later that week and I advised the inspector of the issue. He assured me it's an easy fix and to email the admin. I emailed the admin with the pictures and waited for some communication back regarding this. A couple of days later another administrator called asking my for second payment. I advised them this issue is still outstanding. The Project Coordinator emailed me back and advised that the roofer said it's not possible since they use ladder that have 'big round bars on them' that doesn't do damage. I emailed the coordinator back with my account of the story you're reading now. But I'm tired of this. I'm waiting for my shovel (May 2nd and nothing), emailing back forth to various people who think I'm either fibbing or don't seem to communicate with other parts of their team. I paid for a service which I did receive so there is that. The extreme lack of communication, the horrible run around I got, the damage to my property and the little nuisances I got from this company does not make you run away from them then you and I have differing opinions on good service.

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