DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I signed a contract with Open View Home Products. Paid a $2073.21 a 35% down payment to construct a pergola attached to the house and standing on the back deck. The owner of the company took all the dimensions and we chose a pergola from his catalogue. After waiting 5 1/2 months, the install was started. I noticed a 2"x10"x14' wooden plank resting against our triple 7 ft. high x 9 ft. wide sliding patio doors. When I asked the foreman where this was going he indicated above the sliding doors and attached to the house. I said you may want to look at this again as there is no space above the sliding doors, only the soffit & facia. The foreman concurred and said this pergola could not be attached as it would cover the sliding door frames and about 3" of the glass in the doors. Long story short, the foreman called the owner of Open View Home Products and relayed the problem. They were told to bring everything back to the shop in Niagara Falls. I left multiple e-mails and phone messages for Open View Home Products over the next three days. NO REPLY. I went over to his plant and when I confronted the owner at his plant, all he had to say was "WHAT?" I asked what are you going to do next and his reply was "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" I said a pergola or my money back. His answer "NO REFUNDS," read your contract. I had my contract with me, it had no mention of refunds. I indicated then that I should see a lawyer. His reply "GOOD LUCK WITH THAT JUST SUE ME." Later that day he sent me an e-mail offering a free-standing pergola or "my money back.' I indicated that I would like my money back and he said "I'D RATHER TALK TO YOUR LAWYER, HAVE HIM GIVE ME A CALL. Now after two registered mailings from a paralegal to settle this out of court, he has yet to respond to either letter. This will soon be going to Small Claims Court. Owner has yet to visit our home to understand the logistics of the problem. WARNING: BUYERS BEWARE! DO NOT USE OPEN VIEW HOME PRODUCTS. You may get taken as I have. BBB rating is F, the lowest that the BBB can assign.

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