This is an update for the review we made in early April. We gave Hargrave 10/10 in our last review, believing whole heartedly that the installation of our new furnace went well. The technicians and installers were friendly and helpful. So even though after installation, we felt that there wasn't as much warm air coming out of the registers as with our old furnace, we just assumed that the furnace didn't need to run constantly as the weather had gotten warmer. Never did we doubt. that anything could have gone wrong with the installation. Last week we turned on the air conditioner, ( approximately 3 months after installing our furnace), we found ice around our AC pipe outside and the AC is only 2 years old. We then spent $113 to get a technician of the company which installed our AC to come check on our AC, only to discover that the problem was caused by the blower of the new furnace. When the technician from Hargrave came, he told us that the installer (from Hargrave)did not do the wiring properly so the blower was never boosted. The technician was very helpful and friendly and we were relieved that the issue got fixed. But we were also very upset and disappointed that the installation was not done properly. We just hope that no permanent damage was done to this new furnace in the last 3 months when the blower was not running at all, which could result in overheating of the furnace. We are not even sure if we can get compensation for all of this (service fee or $113 paid to check on our AC, the hassles we went through and the possible damage done to our furnace). All could have been avoided if more caution was given during installation. There is also a $700 ,trade-in rebate that we are still waiting for. We were told the rebate process could take up to 8 weeks. It's almost 3 months now. We just hope that we will eventually get the rebate money because it was the main reason why we purchased this new Carrier furnace to trade in with our old one.

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Hi Sylvia ,

Can you please contact us to discuss we take our installations very serious and if there is a problem we will make sure its rectified !