4 months; 5 call outs; many phone calls; fridge not fixed! Edited: Based on my review(s) here, our issue(s) were flagged with the CEO, who issued a full refund to my husband. While we would still not recommend this company, at least we got our money (not our time or black hairs) back. The back story: January 1st the temp alarm goes off. January 5th technician arrives assessed fridge and orders part; $364.93. January 20th part is installed, informed 3 month standard warranty reduced to 30 days. Pay remaining $364.93. Fridge works fine. March 11th fridge alarm goes off. We call, very nice on phone, call back and offer to come out and take a look. Technician states not under warranty we would need to re-spend the same $988. We are not pleased - lots of shouting from both sides in our kitchen - not cool. Company agrees to replace the replacement part which broke after 50 days, but will charge labour. We reluctantly agreed (cheaper than a new fridge and better for the environment). Replacement replacement part installed March 29th. 30 day warranty. Guess what! April 2nd,our fridge stopped working! The company returned April 8th to 'fiddle' and make sure everything was connected properly. This did work for one week, fridge broke again Easter Friday (15th). At this point, we decided to reduce our stress and cut our losses. We have ordered a new fridge to be delivered within 48 hours. After a long debate, we were initially refunded 60% of the total cost. My understanding is that the company felt this was generous. Where I'm from if you don't receive a service at all, you get a full refund...we were not satisfied and wrote this online review, this is when the CEO call and issued a full refund. I would recommend that new technicians are supported with a companion initially to train them in (happier customers and potential to retain their team) and I would recommend that the company review their refund policy across the board to ensure it meets Canadian consumer rights standards.

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Company Response

Hi Lucy,
We really feel sorry that after providing you all the attention we possibly could, as well as a full refund for every penny you've paid, you still felt that all we deserve is 3 stars.
As a small business that aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction we're aware that not every problem is fixable, but in those cases the most important thing for us is to be fair with our customers, and that's why in every step of the way nobody argued with you and we were more then ok to send the technician again and again or refunding you whatever you paid.
We also thought that as a business owner you'll appreciate our effort and fairness, we are not in the business to mislead or scam anybody as you can see, and reading this review after investing money from our pocket to resolve the matter for your satisfaction (we still had to cover for the technician time, parts and more expenses involved after the full refund you received) is very frustrating and deceiving.