After calling Ben and asking him to come look at my yard and the total mess that two storms left, he came the next day and was able to issue me a very reasonable quote for removing the debris and raking up the small twigs. He returned a few days later and worked very hard for four hours in awful weather. He remained cheerful, considerate, professional and communicative throughout the project; this was impressive. Ben renewed my faith in this line of work as no time was wasted and he offered several prices for various levels of project clean-up. I highly recommend Brunatti Landscaping for your residential needs and will definitely call them for future projects. When he left my place looked professionally tended and I was proud of the work done ! Susan Gorris in Aldergrove

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A Frigidaire dishwasher was purchased that had a faulty part, detected only after a bottom leak started to damage my wood floor. When detected, original sales rep was contacted who eventually referred me to the warehouse. Long wait for calls to be returned after I submitted photos of the damage and faulty part was replaced. After 9 mos of attempting to get help with floor area replacement through Trail, I was told that the manufacturer would be contacted; that this matter was their responsibility ! Trail staff (2 sales staff and warehouse rep) were non-communicative, unhelpful and dismissive. After close to one year of frustration and waiting, I have not received any communication from Trail or Frigidaire, let alone repair to my floor. I have never had deplorable service with any appliance company before; Trail is definitely breaking new ground in the industry !

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