The work 4 crew with the foreman (C, P, M, D) were on site as expected. They laid down their floor covers and worked away until 3 pm the first day. The removed curtains and blinds to access the frames. The crew tamped down the frame to ensure that it was sealed properly from the outside. They caulked and added trims on the inside to give it a better aesthetic look. I left the crew on their own on the second day and they completed as per the agreement and left by noon. The process with K from the beginning was as easy as can be. J, the foreman, came at a later date once we agreed to terms and he did the final measuring. Z from the head office was easy to contact and answered all my questions. The nitty gritty of replacing all the windows and doors of your house is an inconvenience. The agreed delivery and installation was delayed by over 3 months. This was due to COVID-19, but as someone who has set holidays, I was not happy with this. The installation itself is intrusive, kind of like dropping your pants at the doctors. Everything in your house is open for viewing. The crew were really professional and asked if they were not sure about privacy. All their mugs you can access on their website so you can double check and make sure who they were. Some were chatty and gave the workplace some energy, but overall, they all knew what their roles and responsibilities were. They were easy to deal with and courteous to the extreme. I tried not to be in their way even though I tried to work from home, but kind of hard with the hammering and the sawing. There was lots of laughing and joking and talk about video games. Even compliments on my wife's choice of color for bed sheets and our artwork. Overall, the foreman set the rules and the crew followed it to the T. I gave them access to the bathrooms and the microwave. When all said and done all 13 windows, patio slider, and fiberglass door were done to spec. The windows looked like they need to be shut every time I walk by as they look so clean. Our neighbours complimented on the carpentry on the outside frames. They were primed, but will need a splash of paint. The technology in these windows hopefully will stand the test of time. My original windows were well over 30 years old so anything is an improvement. Overall the process was not a painful as I expected, only to my pocketbook and that in itself was not a painful if it was with the competition. One kitchen door had to be back order because of supply chain issues. Unfortunately, this caused a lot of headache after the fact. One was taking time off, but they were good enough to accommodate me. The door did not take too long to complete. 3 hours with door frame to the hardware. R, the door specialist, carted in his trailer and did the job with flair. Problem was the hardware was wrong color and the door we had asked for was the wrong one. We emailed K and he responded to making it right. He gave us a few choices as the full glass door would be more expensive. We chose the full glass with the internal blinds and that worked out to be almost $4500 for the door. Nevertheless, lesson learned, make sure to read the contract and ask for clarification. The wait for this was just as long so if you make a mistake be prepare. 3 months later, R comes back and puts the door in. The house is warmer now and the doors brings in lots of light. The sliders design is not great. They do not open fully as intended so if you want to fit a dryer through it, no luck. Bring a measuring tape when you are investigating. Another irritant are the stickers on the door. They fabricate a door with so much technology, but it leaves a sticker mark as the glue is so hard to take off. Used paint thinner -no. Used nail polish - nada. Used heat gun - whao? Used cooking oil - yep! Not sure who designed this? Addendum: This company shows lots of care and K actually followed up after my review. He addressed my concerns, considered my suggestions, and asked why he didn't get the 10/10. I told him the long wait and some of the little things. Because of this, I am convinced this company deserves a better review. I would recommend them. Thanks K.

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Company Response

Hi K,

Thank you for your detailed review! We are happy to hear that the crews took such great care of your flooring, blinds/curtains and entire home. The new windows, patio door and fiberglass door looks fantastic - especially with the interior trims. Thank you for the kind feedback on the professionalism, politeness and positive energy that our crews provided on site, as well as Kris and our office team. Thank you for your patience with the installation timeline. I love to hear that the windows are so clean, the house is warmer and that the doors bring in lots of light. Welcome to the Long Life Family!

Kris @ Long Life Windows & Doors