Don't ever use this company. I used the company on January 10 and 11th, 2013 to move from Oshawa to Windsor. As i am told that the moving has to be done by 5pm in my new condo building, so we had to load the truck on 10th and move to windsor. The first day, the movers were late for 3 hours, and they charged me 4 hours for 2-3 hours of work. and the second day, they were late for 4 hours. and because of their late arrival, my building manager didn't allow us to move in. and both my boyfriend and myself told both the movers and the manager Raed over and over before that they have to be on time, otherwise, we are not allowed to move in. No one cares in their company. After negotiating with the building manager for a long time, and they allowed us to move in that day and my boyfriend worked as a third mover for the whole time. and when they calcuated the price, it was more 1000 CAD than we should pay. and the manager Raed and the mover head Joe told my boyfriend and me that they will give us a discount and we will discuss about it on January 14, 2013. and they didn't contact us at all and we listed the cost it should be based on the estimation we discussed before moving and emailed to Raed and never never got back from them. and I just realized that they charged me almost 3000 CAD on January 11th, which they told me they will not do that. they will talk to us about the charge on the 14th. the almost 3000 moving charge was only for11th, as i already paid almost 1000 CAD on 10th for the first day of moving. and their estimation was 1500-1700CAD before moving, and now they took me 4000 CAD for that. Raed asked me to sign a credit card payment authorization form before moving to book the truck. that's how they have my information. and it is totally a fraud, so don't use this company.

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