My furnace wasn't working so I called these guys. BIG mistake. They came to my house and told me the computer board on my 4 year old furnace was gone. They charged me $500 for the part and $250 for the labour. Three days later, I had the same problem with the furnace. Turns out one of the rubber tubes that carries water/condensation away from the exhaust blower was clogged which automatically shut down the furnace. I saw them take some water out of one of the valves when they were diagonosing the problem so they knew this was the problem. I ended up fixing it myself but these clowns refused to refund even part of the repair even though I still had the old parts. They charged me $500 for the part but the manufacturer actually sells it for $150. The manufacturer was kind enough to reimburse me their cost. Coldguard Mechanical knowingly ripped me off. I had a newborn in the house and they took full advantage of the situation. I would run from these guys.

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