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I had never used Sherwin Williams paint before so I wasn't sure what I was getting into but I was very pleasantly surprised. The customer service was great, the selection was super and the location was really convenient with free parking. The staff actually took the time to figure out what you were about to paint and how....and then helped figure out a way in which it was easier and cheaper. Loved that! Will continue to use them from now on.

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I don't normally write reviews but I felt compelled to after my dealings with Marlin Mirror. I called them to ask them some questions about cost and delivery time and the first conversation went well. So I was very surprised that when I called back the second time to continue with the order I was given a much different attitude. First I was given different information but then when I questioned it I was talked down to. This type of attitude continued all the way through the entire transaction (I know, that's when I should have known). The worst of it all was on the day my mirrors were scheduled to be installed I had booked time off of work to be there and they never showed up. In fact I called them to ask if they were on their way and the response was "if I dont call you back then he is on his way'. Well, they never called me back.....and he never showed up. So, I called them back again and asked what was the problem and now I got even more attitude and that I would have to wait for almost another week before I could get them installed! Yes, the doors were put in (after much confusion and delay) and I understand that sometimes delays and mistakes happen...but dealing with them was just not worth it. I get the impression that they dont appreciate their customers or know customer appreciation. I would not recommend them to anyone in the future.

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