Have been waiting NINE YEARS to get back our grading deposit. I call every year. in 2014 they said for sure we would get the deposit back, I even called to remind them in November but nobody called back and of course we didn't get the money back. Now we're into 2015 and I'm about to give up and I'm sure that's what they are hoping. Imagine if 50 buyers give up trying to get their deposit back, that's $750 x 50 = $37,500 that Countrywide Homes is KEEPING FROM THE CUSTOMERS. Not a bad haul, so now you know what's motivating them to delay, delay, delay until you either move or give up trying to get your money from them. I can't say enough of how disappointed I am that it is taking this long to get the deposit back. We should form a group and go to "Go Public" or "Marketplace" and expose this.

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Great prices, knowlegable staff. We bought 5 applicances for our new home and they were the best prices. Their scratch-and-dent specials might only have a scratch on the back that can't be seen. Or no box for example, but the appliance is perfect. Over the years I have used Royal for repairs and they came at the scheduled time and did fast repairs. Have ordered parts and got them within 2 days if not in stock. They do appliance sales as well as service, so most service companies can be stressed when they have a lot of appointments, so treat them politely and they will treat you the same.

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