Outstanding service! Back in December, I visited this company's Etobicoke store to obtain pricing. Helped on the spot with all my questions answered, I held off placing my order as I had to work out delivery details (they only make deliveries once per week). Being the Christmas period, their delivery schedule as well as my own schedule was not convenient, particularly as they were already booked and I would have to find some other (inconvenient) date in January to accept delivery. Much to my surprise, they followed up the day after New Year's with a phone call, having remembered my scheduling issues, and offering delivery same day,all despite very poor weather. The delivery employee stated they felt they needed to make up for the inconvenience of the holiday period. Delivery was made within 2 hours of the phone call with a 100% accurate order (multiple items). The customer service received from this company is rare to find and truly appreciated, and each employee I dealt with extremely courteous and helpful. The Box Spot clearly puts its customers first.

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Without a doubt, thanks to Rent-A-Son, this was the most stressful move I have ever experienced. The final load time ended up 50% higher than estimated and the final bill $400 more than quoted, despite having them provide an on-site visit pre-estimate. It took a ridiculous 10 hours to move the contents of a well packed 2-bdrm house to same size apartment, plus I had to move several van loads by myself. The main reason? Their decision to wrap absolutely every piece of furniture in bulky blankets, despite being told not to and agreeing not to! Their subsequent claim was it was to avoid hitting walls during the move but the bulky blankets severely limit space in truck and increases time charges phenomenally and without notice. Not to mention every other mover loads the furniture into the truck and THEN covers with blankets as required. They then blamed me for lack of communication because I had no choice but to go over to new apartment to secure elevator beyond mutually agreed upon time due to their excessive blanket wrapping and time over-run. Not sure how a lack of communication is the cause when a colleague remained on the site during my absence and was in constant communication with me and them. Definitely do not recommend – they are the most expensive mover contacted, not worth the higher price, and clearly unable to handle average sized moves or customer service as their responses to my concerns were more accusatory and self-righteous than compromising.

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Company Response

Hi David,

Thank you for your feedback. As a moving company, being reviewed and rated online, it is extremely hard to avoid pointing fingers and debating all of the issues mentioned in negative reviews. We are so very proud of the work that we do and more importantly of the people that do it so it is easy to want to get defensive(but we wont)!

Fortunately, due to the extremely hard work of everyone on our team, we don't face the strenuous task of responding to negative reviews too often as proven by our track record and our corporate values. Without trying to defend ourselves on each issue or debate the overage in price mentioned, I just want to say that we are proud to be one of few companies that believe in full coverage when it comes to blanket wrapping our customers furniture (And this is completely built into our estimates which are based on industry standards). We use high grade professional moving blankets for a reason and our approach to caring for your belongings is probably why there are no mentions of damages to your belongings. "Draping" items in the truck leaves furniture vulnerable to damage further perpetuating a stigma and reputation of moving companies that we are trying to eliminate.

We are sorry that we didn't live up to your expectations. You definitely deserved a smooth and effortless move and we apologize for not being able to give that to you. We hope you are enjoying your new home and wish you all the best.

The Rent-a-Son Family