We used the Whitby branches service recently on three occasions. They were always awesome to take my order. The bin was delivered on time without fuss. It was clean and in good condition. It was picked up on time when asked for pick up. And we were billed quickly. I cannot say anything more except that they are a button down, professional company which takes pride in what they do. Congratulations to the Whitby team. From our experience, I highly recommend them.

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Company Response

Good morning Daniel,
Thank you so much for expressing to us the great experience(s) you've had. We truly do strive to provide excellent customer service, but also to have our bins and equipment in good condition so as not to be an eyesore, but also to ensure safe and responsible transportation on the roadways. Thank you again for the kind review, and hopefully we will hear from you again for your next project!


We took the monthly comfort plan from Air One. On a visit, Kyle the service technician stated that the unit needed a secondary heat exchanger. That these were recalled 3-4 years ago. If we found out the problem at that time we would get the work done for free but now it would cost around $750.00. He red tagged the furnace claiming that we were at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Concerned how with a fairly new home we were not told about such a serious recall I dug into the problem. Found a Heat Exchange Hotline for the Manufacturer which stated that if in fact the Secondary Exchanger was faulty; all costs would be covered by the Manufacturer...for EVER. Went back to the Aire One Whitby office, speaking with Kyle and Ben the branch manager. They all refused to accept Manufacturer's warranty. Going back to Manufacturer and asked for them to provide us with names of reputable dealers in the area that we can ask and that honoured their warranty. They gave us that and we brought them in. Air One never tested the exhaust flue to get readings. They just shut the unit off. In fact the way they shut it off was to simulate a faulty secondary exchanger. The gas valve was switched off. The pressure switch hose was disconnected. Therefore, the unit could not be turned on. Nice pressure tactic by them. We spent a cold Thanksgiving. The reputable Manufacturer Company came in and tested the Flue Gases for CO levels. All levels came in well below normal. They took the unit apart and the Secondary Exchanger was in perfect condition. During the last service by Aire One, Kyle the technician wrote that he cleaned burners, blowers, sensor, and venter, drain trap, etc. When they took the unit apart, nothing had been done as written. It was a way to get money on the monthly fee and a way to make some money from us and the Manufacturer. We were paying the $21 monthly fee, and no service was ever done. The slap in the face, because the unit was perfect, we had to pay the bill for the company that was sent to inspect the unit and conduct the flue test. Most people would have panicked when Aire One shut the unit down. They wouldn’t have had the fortitude to go and seek out the truth from the manufacturer. Most wives would have panicked, thinking about their families, and husbands would have paid anything to get the unit back on. I was going to do the same thing. But Kyle tried to over sell it with the risk of our death from CO poisoning. When I called my home builder and the fire department to let them have it as to why no one would come to our door to tell us about such a dangerous defect in our furnace system, they all thought I was the one who was misrepresenting. That started the process and the stories Aire One was claiming began to unravel. For anyone else that experiences this, call the Hotline at 1 877 574-0173. Have your model and serial number ready. Also the Home Owner line at 1 800 227-7437. It total, from the time I put in, the monthly payments we made to Aire One for no service, we are out almost out $1,000 bucks. We have requested compensation from them without even a return call or email. That’s the issue here folks...this is what they do.

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Thank you for your feedback. Aire One Heating and Cooling considers our customers to be the very heart of our company. We strive to keep them happy and comfortable in their homes. We have 24 hour service, 2 hour emergency service and we operate 7 days a week to serve our customers