Purchased a driveway 3 1/2 years ago, the framing, design and demo went great and they did do a great job on the patterning but each winter my driveway flakes away at the surface across the WHOLE driveway creating pits on top. I have had the driveway resealed each year ( because MC said this would solve the problem after the first time it started looking like this the first December) under warranty from MC only for it to happen again worse the next year. I have never put anything on the driveway other than our cars. No salt, no icemelter, nothing. MC claims this issue is due to road salts, but for this to happen so badly is beyond road salts especially considering our neighbour’s stamped driveway is 15 years old and looks like its in better shape. And also our garage which we park a car in the winter time also looks like its in better shape than my new driveway. Also, this started happening the 1st December of the 1st winter, so before any real snowfalls or any salt being on the road. There was just freezing temperatures. Ive already had to start calling for repair quotes. For me to be calling companies for quotes to repair my 3 year old driveway is ridiculous. MC will swear its road salts but if they had told me initially that my driveway would look like it does after every winter i would NEVER had purchased it. Also if it really IS due to road salts alone then prepare for your driveway to look like this as well the 1ST WINTER. This was starting after the first freeze of the winter each year. My advice, if your considering concrete, i would just get an asphalt driveway. In conclusion, they did quick work, herc was very nice to deal with, they resealed the driveway under warranty, but now that the warranty is up im stuck dealing with this every winter. again we did not use ANY salt or any ice melter on our driveway. MC sealed our driveway UNDER WARRANTY. Which they are intitled to do. Its not about the money of the sealer. Its about the 25k spent expecting to have a driveway that lasts more than 2 years. They think its taking advantage of them to get warranty work done. They think they gave it to me for free but it was all under warranty. And again, they will say i put stuff on the driveway to protect themselves but i assure you i did not put anything on it ever. Just the cars. And where its really bad we dont ever park a car there. Oh yeah and the surface is so slick youll need knee braces to shovel. Also, they replied to this message faster than any email or phone call i ever gave them.

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Andrew, you used salt or ice melt on new concrete then the street salts from your tires hurt the new concrete. We have been sealing your concrete for free for two years and once we told you that you would have to start to pay for sealer you got upset and started slandering our company. Andrew you know that you void your warrantee if you use salts or ice melts on the new concrete. Even though your driveway had some pitting from salts we still sealed for you two extra years with no charge. We didn’t have to do anything. You wrote a bad review on google and we knew it was you under the name "toilet bowl". We asked for you to remove it after we had sealed for you the second time and you didn’t. Google removed your review for false posting. Your only starting this bad review again to get us to seal again for free. Trying to take advantage of the media by trying to ruin our reputation. I told you from now on you will have to pay for sealer no more freebies. It’s enough trying to take advantage of our company. We have been in business for over 25 years and we have never encountered someone like you trying to hurt us over free sealer. Stamped concrete is a material that needs to be sealed every year and if you didn’t know that then we are not sure why you didn't do your research but I’m am sure our sales representative would have explained that to you. If you didn’t want any maintenance then you should have went with Asphalt. I hope you do take care of the driveway every year. It looks amazing when it is all sealed.
Just a little advice don’t use the cheap products from the Home Depot or Lowe’s. They are yellowing. Go to a building supplier to get the commercial grade sealer if you want to do it yourself you can save a lot of money. You can roll it on the concrete. All the best to you. I am sorry that you feel like we didn’t do a great job for you. All I see is it doesn’t matter what we do for you, you will always try to get sealer for free because you were not prepared to have to take care of the concrete every year.
Sorry but stamped concrete is an expensive material that comes along with TLC to live a long beautiful life. It is not for everyone.
Thanks for reading.