Craig and his son did a GREAT job removing large limbs from my very large Silver maple. There were dangerous hydro line very close and they got the job done perfectly. Extremely happy with the entire job. Thank you Craig and also big thanks to you son as well.

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That's terrific Todd. I'm happy you're happy. The tree is much safer now, with that large limb removed that was hollowed out and extending over the house. You were wise to have the work done before the extra weight of all the foliage could have caused the limb to fail. Many people dont realize that a large limb full of foliage becomes that much heavier during a rain or ice storm. The added stress of strong winds while this is occurring, frequently causes large limbs to come crashing down. The good news is that It's easy to correct this situation with corrective pruning and canopy thinning which is great for the tree and doesn't cost a lot. In your case, that large limb had become hollowed near the junction with the trunk, which made it dangerous and likely to fail in the short term. I'm glad we were able to pre empt that possibility by removing the limb and pruning out the canopy interior to allow greater airflow through the tree. It's like poking holes through a giant sail, which is very effective. Thank you for the winter work, our rates are seasonally adjusted when we aren't quite as busy. I'm glad you were able to take advantage of the savings and we're grateful for both the work and the kind review. It was a pleasure and contrary to what you believe, you make a fine cup of coffee.
All the best, Craig and Dillon.