Purchased a tv from Leon's Scarborough location recently and noticed a large crack on the screen after unboxing it. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any help to unbox the 75" tv until a couple weeks later so by the time I reported it to Leon's, it was past the 72 hour reporting period. Because I reported it late and after a month-long investigation, the manager (Joseph) said they couldn't send a replacement or give a refund of any kind. I understand that this is the company policy but I don't understand how a company like Leon's can't help a customer even a little especially when I've been a customer of Leon's for years. It not only took over a month to get a decision but the most frustrating part is that through their investigation, he admitted that the delivery driver was suspended for not following proper delivery procedures. In fact, when the delivery driver opened the back door of the truck, the tv box was laying flat on its side and not tied down. He slid it off the truck bed by himself into the side of the tv. The side of the tv is not meant to carry that amount of weight which is why the instructions on the box even say to lift the box in an upright position by two people...not one person and not on its side. It just so happens that the crack was on the left side of the tv screen. See attached photo. How can that be a coincidence? I just don't understand how you can punish the delivery driver but still not take any responsibility and hide behind a 72-hour rule. I'm not an unreasonable person so I even suggested a compromise of a partial refund but all he would say is he couldn't help due to the 72-hour policy. Can you at least help me out by picking up the tv and disposing it? Nope. For those who are reading my review, I'm just telling you my experience and it's up to you to decide whether you would want to buy from a company that can treat a customer like that. I never thought this could ever happen but, it did. For me, I can never shop at Leon's ever again or any company can do this to a customer. I've learned a lot through this experience though. Most important is to always do research of the company's policies before making large purchases like this. For example, some stores have a 30-day or more return policy with a much simpler process that does not involve any investigation. They send a replacement and take the damaged tv without question. Second important lesson. Use a credit card that has purchase protection so that in case of any damage, you can be reimbursed the full cost. Anyways, I hope my experience with Leon's helps anyone who is reading this. I know I've learned a lot and cannot recommend shopping at Leon's. It's just not worth dealing with companies like this. It's a shame.

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