NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY!!! I call to this company as I see the rating for their service is a very high. I had a problem with the leaking from the kitchen to the basement and if I add I had a new laminate flooring done 2 weeks ago and going to sell the house, you can imagine the level of stress we had. We had to wait the plumber almost 2 hours and when he came he said he is not going to touch anything before the representative from insurance company will come to see the problem. He said he will fix everything after the insurance company will open the claim, and after 5 mins overlooking the flooding area and 10 minutes talking about the difference between the flood possibility in old city areas and compared different communities where the flooding in basement takes place he charged us $212. He said he is ready to fix our problem right away the representative from insurance company will visit us. He even didn't leave his phone #, and we tried to call to his company again and ask the help. We couldn't reach him for a few hours, and we had to call to another company. They fixed the problem and charged us $168. The Clearview representative sent us agreement and invoice showing gave us the technical decision. NO TECHNICAL DECISION was provided!! When I tried to call to the company asking why they charged me with $212 but didn't do anything, and asking to keep $70 fees but return $140 (I read people complaints when they were charged even for $70). The representative said they provided service(!!), and what they can do, just give me 10% discount for the future plumbing service. I said I fed up with their service, and going to sell house, she said it is just the option they can give. When I asked the the manager, she said she is a supervisor and is the plumber who visited us is a manager!! He was 15 min. in our home, but in invoice he put 48 minutes!! When I asked what's the rates and why they don't place the rate for their service on website, she said she's not going to discuss it with me, though on their website they said:'' We‘re not the guys who tell you that it‘s going to cost $50 then slap you with a $500 bill. We know it happens, but we don‘t do business that way. We never have and we never will. We‘ll come out, examine the problem and give you a quote in writing. You‘ll find that quote reasonable. You‘ll find our technicians clean, polite, thoroughly experienced and true professionals.'' Now I'm going to forward my complaint to BBB and want to advise you DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE!!! This company was dishonest with me. Hope those money will help them to survive.

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Good quality with a good price, done quickly and in the best way. Would like to recommend this company to anybody. Really good job without any problems from start to finish. Thanks, guys!

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